Friday :: / by Christina Rosalie

* An iced decaf latte tasted good today. This is miraculous.

* Bought orchids for my new studio space (we're shuffeling rooms, repainting, etc.)

* My pants no longer fit, but I'm not really showing. In other words, I look chubby around my middle. So attractive. It's all about the bella band now.

* Am excited to watch the Olympics tonight. They always get me motivated to do sports and to take better care of myself. Ironically--last time I was watching the summer Olympics, Bean was in my tummy.

* Bean used the words "actually" and "absolutely" in the same sentence today. It made me giggle. Now he's digging gravel on the driveway with the geese looking on.

* I've decided all the little things matter. In a year from now I'll forget what being pregnant was like. For the next little while, I'll be focusing on minutia :) and perhaps starting to draw every day objects again. It's somehow very grounding to bring my attention back to the little things. To take notice of food, small moments, errands, conversations.