Thursday :: / by Christina Rosalie

More thunder. The kind that rips things. That takes your breath away. That follows the same jagged streak through the sky that the lightneing took.

Feeling slightly better today, but terrified that if I say so the horrible morning sickness gods will smite me down.

Watched the end of So You Think You Can Dance tonight, and every bone in my non-dancer body wishes I were a dancer. People tease me for loving the show--but they can only be people who haven't watched. Because it's not just entertainment, it's art. Some of the dance pieces tonight made my breath catch. Its one of the few things I'd do differently if I could do my life over again. I'd dance. Instead I grew up in a very quiet home without any music that even remotely had a beat (read: my parents only played Vivaldi) and hence I have zero rhythm. Yet watching dance makes my heart sing.

If you could do something differently--if you could do your life over again--what would you do?