Glimpses from the weekend & an app I love / by Christina Rosalie

Spy Detective  - Christina Rosalie Big eyed boy - Christina Rosalie

Brothers reading together - Christina Rosalie

A weekend tradition - Christina Rosalie

Happy grins - Christina Rosalie Paper airplane hanger - Christina Rosalie

Designing paper airplanes - Christina Rosalie

Local Donuts - Christina Rosalie

Getting Haircuts - Christina Rosalie

Last week was so turbulent and devastating, by the weekend all I needed was to disconnect and sink deeply into the simple routines of family. Homemade donuts from the tiny local bake shop that only sells on Sundays--come early, or they're gone. Haircuts for the boys and swimming at the YMCA. Making paper airplanes at the table before dinner, and watching them read together in the sunlight after.
I've been trying to take more head shots of Bean and Sprout lately, just to capture the radical growing that's been happening around here. Both of them seem huge to me, especially Bean who is suddenly coy in front of the camera, and maybe a little self conscious.
I've recently started using the beautiful and really thoughtfully designed app Notabli to curate my favorite photos, videos and quotes by my boys. Notabli has incredible privacy settings and terms for use, and its designed for parents--to take note of, and share the lives of their kids with loved ones and close friends. The best part? When the boys are big, they can inherit their Notabli feed, all backed up and ready for download. It's not often I get really excited about an app, but this one is a keeper.