Laid up / by Christina Rosalie

I woke up at 5:30 with stomach flu. NO, IT ISN'T FOOD POISONING, or everyone else would have it---and I'm the only one who had to run to the bathroom this morning where I sat in agony on the loo. I've been floating in and out of a feverish haze all day. The real reason I'm posting however, is that I spent most of today away from my beautiful baby and I missed him something fierce when I finally dragged myself out to the living room. And you know what? He missed me back! He reached his arms out and grinned and chuckled and just about ate my face of with his version of kisses. It is as though I'm watching him grow at light speed today. Suddenly he seems so big: eating mostly solids (soup and sweet potatoes spoon fed by his nonna). Just in a heartbeat during our visit here he has learned to stick his tongue out and wave 'bye bye' and 'hi.'

I'm writing about it because I'm not sure it's really happening--as feverish and miserable as I've been today. I'm looking forward to coming back to what I've written when I'm better--to read it like a postmark. This happened. Because right now I'm pretty much just whimpering and wishing I could fast forward.