Remembering the texture of moments / by Christina Rosalie

I'm feeling mostly better today, and tomorrow we're our way back north. Towards our small, busy apartment; towards the unfinished business with the house and work; towards heaps of christmast cards that need mailing and cookies that need baking; towards snow; towards days without the joy and distraction Bean's grandprarents bring to his life. But also towards our morning ritual of a walk downtown and coffee; towards our cat's soft purring; towards friends; towards home. Already the walk along the the canal on Thanksgiving day is just a collection of snapshots. Memory. Autumn, still clinging to tree branches. Canada geese in droves along the edges of the water.

self portrait. windy hair. up close.

concord grapes against concret.

autumn still lingers. leaves like bright flames over water.

a tangle of grass seeds like delicate jewlrey.

bird berries.

burgundy leaves. some small insect's feast.

tree berries. sliver and knobby against dark water.

bird's nest. lonley and dark in the twigs against the sky.