Making your mark / by Christina Rosalie

The days are numbered until I'm finished with graduate school, and in the woods the days are numbered too before everything bursts forth wildly with green.

I haven't shared much about my thesis-writing process here, mostly because my hours are too full, and the days not long enough.

My thesis is called: Making Your Mark: Art, Influence and Identity in an Era of Personal Brands. It's a subject near and dear to my heart as a writer and artist. I'm curious about the tenuous line between commerce and creativity; and about how the work that we do, and the work that we make is shaped by the digital landscape we inhabit.

It's an adventure, a labor of love, and a heap of scholarly research. I've had the pleasure of speaking with (or am slated to speak with) several brilliant folks from around the web for this projectt: Kal Bartestki, Dan Blank, Chris Gullibeau, Bernadette Jiwa, Mark Schaefer, Samantha Reynolds, and Susannah Conway. It has been an amazing process to gather and synthesize my research and their collective wisdom.

I am thinking about creating something alongside the scholarly paper I must turn in at the end of April. Something that I can share with you here; a distillation of all the depth and insight in the form of a PDF download perhaps. Would you be interested?