Mamas, your expertise, please / by Christina Rosalie

So, I'm totally working on the picture laden post (I'm not just lolling about in the sunshine, picking armfuls of black-eyed susans and daisies, reading a really a really good book, and eating organic cantelope, I swear!) But in the meantime I have two pressing issues. Boobs & poop.

I need to know two things.

A) When you're weaning, how do you reduce breastmilk production? Bean spent his first night in his own room EVER last night. He woke up once, but went to sleep without crying, all by himself... and so we're down to the before-bedtime nursing and I'm thinking of cutting that out tonight. But I'm not sure how my boobs have gotten the whole weaning memo. Advice?


B) When your 16 month old comes to you, pulling on his diaper and grunting after he's taken a poop, and when you say, "Did you poop?" he says, "Uh-huh" and points to the clean diapers, is it time to think about buying one of those little potties? And if it is, which? And then how to proceed from there?

I'll be eagerly awaiting your responses.