The pictures I promised / by Christina Rosalie

Go here for the up-close versions & lots of notes. I had maybe a little too much fun with the writing the notes.

And thank you for the suggestions. I currently smell a tad like sauteed cabbage, but my boobs don't hurt as much... (Bean was down to one nursing a day--before bed, so it was a very gradual thing. Still. DH made some comment about bra/boobs being a "garden of eatin' " tonight. Let's just say I'm eager for this particular phase to be over. HOWEVER, Bean has been remarkable--sleeping--for the first time ever--all the way through the night, in his crib, willingly... they say when they're ready, they're ready. I guess he was ready.)

Also, we're going to Florida next week to hang out with my best friend. It will be Bean's first time on a plane. DH & I are virgins in the air travel with a small child department. More help please. What should I bring/do/be prepared for?

And now a quick recap of house progress: Every single room is full of boxes. My god, where did we manage to accumulate so much stuff? But the kitchen, oh it's so lovely. It begs to be used. So I have been. Grilled tuna stakes with couscous salad, banana muffins, soup... And I've been slowly, so very slowly, unpacking all the rest of the house too. Rediscovering artwork that's been packed for over a year, and precious vases, soft velvet pillows, and letters from old friends. But in between there is still the stress of feeling constantly addled: I cannot find anything, ever, when I need it. It's kindof making me nuts.

But then I go outside and sit in the sunshine and take pictures of bugs and play peekaboo with Bean, or walk in late evening with DH hand in hand through waist high grass watching the bats swoop over head, and it's all worth it. All of it.