Of green beans and vacuum love / by Christina Rosalie

This kid is cracking me up lately. He’s starting to be his own little person, and often puts on a silly show just for our benifit. Witness the green bean pictures. He took great joy in alternately blowing loud raspberries and then making funny sucking noises, holding the green bean in place hands free. And, clearly delighted that he was making us giggle, he sweetly offered his Daddy a drag.

He also has an obsessive love for any and all vacuums. (I used to vacuum with him in a sling when he was very small and wouldn’t stop crying. The loud constant noise and the rocking works wonders. Usually he’d be asleep in minutes. This may be the cause of his undying devotion.) The minute the vacuum comes out he scampers over as fast as one can scamper on all fours (which is a heck of a lot faster than you’d think.) He helps me push the vacuum from room to room, trundling after it with increasingly confident steps. Then he thrills to help me push the cord retractor, grinning so wide you can see his spanking new teeth all in a gleaming row. Other times I leave the vacuum out for a while just for his amusment, and he lovingly lies atop it, humming a litttle tune to himself.

But the best was Bean's encounter with the vacuum at the grandparents house, which STANDS UP rather than rolls. He was in AWE, and promptly began worshipping it.