Say Yes / by Christina Rosalie

Think about all the lists that have been made in the past few days. Enough words, put back to back, to travel to the moon on. Our hope for the New Year hanging on each syllable.

For the past few days I've been trying to articulate what I want truly for this year. What the deepest, pomegranate red portion of my heart longs for. What my soul asks for thirstily, standing by the river of my dreams. And I’ve come up with this: I want this year to be rich in experience. I want to say yes to each moment as it happens.

Tonight at the gym, whirring away on the ellipse machine my in new running shoes, I started reading a dog-eared copy of Oprah. Somehow it was not by chance that I turned to a review of the book, Goal Free Living: Have the Life You Want Now!, which posits the brilliant, wild, possible truth that the happiest people in the world are those who life richly in the moment, following their passions. Goals, the author says, limit the outcome. Success is possible with goals, but narrowly. MORE is possible than your goals. I’m game for that.

But I also there is a certain magic in the superhero way of looking at things. Put the unsayable secret dreams of your heart down in writing. Say yes to the things you wish for yourself if you dared. And then say yes to this very moment.