Out of context / by Christina Rosalie

It was a kind of out of body, out of context experience that put me back in touch with myself in a way I didn't expect... starting with driving the 3 hours alone in the car, no radio, just me and my thoughts. I haven't spent three hours alone with my thoughts in a long, long time (when was the last time you did that?) and then spending a night alone in a shady paint-peeling hotel (that looked way better in the pictures. Last update: 1984.) Then getting pampered: a beautiful haircut + highlights, and someone to show me how to pull together a look that reflects my inner AWESOME more than a hoodie and jeans and flipflops which are my daily default. (By the way: Clinton Kelly is even sweeter and funnier in person than on T.V. and he's a genius at what he does. Truly.)

And instead of letting myself continue to feel silly (which was my first feeling) or embarrassed (a close second) I decided to let go of all negative feelings and soak up every moment of two days all about me. It was revealing: I don't give myself a lot of down time in my life, and I need to more often. Also: I have a hang up about things being frivolous vs. worthy that seems to permeate all aspects of my life...

Is fashion superficial and frivolous? Maybe it is. Or maybe not. (What do you think?)

One thing I learned: it feels good to know you look good. And to know that who you are on the inside is accurately reflected on the outside for the world.

Discovery #1: My inner supermodel loves bohemian + a little edgy + athletic. (Pretty flowy tunics + leather + a men's white tank.) Also, I don't think I ever gave skinny jeans the appropriate credit they deserve (FYI: they are made to STRETCH. So nice.)

Discovery #2: brown mascara with blue eyes. GENIUS people. I had no idea.

Discovery # 3: the key to rocking any look is BELIEVING you look incredible. Because then you do. Pretty much a rule for life in general, don't you think?

Tomorrow: back to things. Including finishing the proposal for my book. And work. And running. (I've missed it big time the past few weeks.) But maybe also: just a little more time for me. (Don't you just love Anne Lamott?) Curious: What is something you have a hang-up about?