worthy vs. frivolous / by Christina Rosalie

I am so interested that many of you also face this tug-of-war over worthy vs. frivolous, and I am wondering where we came by such notions? What voices define these words in our heads? Parents? Teachers? Friends? Books? I'm also curious about what comes to mind specifically for you when you think of these two words. What things in your life do you, without much thought or intention, deem frivolous or worthy?

frivolous (adj.) 1) of little weight or importance; not worth notice; slight. 2) silly

worthy (adj) 1. having worth, merit or value 2. honorable or admirable 3. deserving, or having sufficient worth

In then next minute write down five things that immediately come to mind as frivolous and then five more that you think of as worthy.

I'll share mine tomorrow too...

(right now, bed is calling. It was SUCH a long day. Did I tell you that my Mac died a horrible death this week? JUST as I am on deadline with everything? Ouch. Still recovering. Long story. Perhaps tomorrow?)