rss what? / by Christina Rosalie

It has been brought to my attention that there is an easier way of doing things! Easier than routinely clicking through all my bookmarked links (a list that far exceeds the hodgepodge of links I’ve pathetically compiled in the margin, which has begun to spill over here, and still is vastly incomplete—I have a case of sever blog love, it seems) every single day, sometimes repeatedly. Apparently I can just use an rss feed reader. Duh.

Okay. So maybe I am the only person in the blogsphere that dosen't already use one. Stop laughing.

And then help me. Leave your rss feed in the comments. Pretty please?

If you also leave your website url, I’ll add you to my sidebar and we’ll have that going for us…which is nice.

EDITED TO ADD: By rss url I mean, leave your website link with the additional rss feed information so that I can plug it into my feed reader without doing any work at all. Yes. I'm lazy. But I'm also 1) studying for a really aweful test I must pass in order to become certified to teach in this state, 2) whimperhing because I've started learning how to lift weights at the gym today--and did a lot of squats. ouch. 3) procrastinating about # 1, 4) sighing because I have oh, probably 500 books to sort through at school and sheesh, do you know how long that takes?