This much I now know: / by Christina Rosalie

1) My rss-cluelessness is not an isolated event. You all made me feel a thousand times better!

2) That there are so many amazing, talented and wonderful people that read my blog. Some I’ve known about…others, I’m excited to explore. Your feeds are now all on my reader! Look for me, I’ll be commenting on your blogs this week.

3) I’m also in the process of including all of your links on my sidebar, but right now my in laws are here so it will have to wait until I have uninterrupted internet time.

4) Summer is suddenly dissolving at the edges: the last sun drenched stretching out between chilly mornings and evenings where the dusk lasts for hours.

5) The Eastern field has a maple tree with leaves already washed in vermillion, and the grass is higher than my waist.

6) I passed the test with only a small flash-back to my high school test taking fears, and a very early morning.

7) My classroom is starting to look like a place where kids might like to learn: a cozy library is taking shape, a center for science investigations and for art. Yet I still have an endless list of things to do. This is what every single day is like as a teacher: always wanting to accomplish more than is humanly possible.

8) And this: I hardly ever check my stats, but I did recently and nearly died laughing at the search strings that lead people here. Really. Worthy of a post by itself. See?