She's okay! / by Christina Rosalie

She is okay. Home from the hospital with several bruises---but she was cracking jokes over the phone. She has always been like this---somehow upbeat right in the midst of adversity. When she was little every picture she drew had a sunshine in it---always, and she's like this still a little---though I'm sure she'd be the first to claim that the opposite is true. It's strange to have a moment like this happen: a phone call and then suddenly a whole expanse of unknowns. Your mind wanders out to the brink of what loss might look like and lingers there, shaking.

Tonight hearing her voice made tears spring up unexpectedly with relief. We're different, and we fight sometimes, but today reminded me that this is not what matters. What matters is each moment living. Each moment that we're talking and painting and working things out. Each moment breathing is good. Each moment laughing---better.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts & good wishes!