Sunday Doing List / by Christina Rosalie

* Had my first-ever Aveda facial today. 1 hour of pure relaxation with yummy aromatherapy and massage. Ooh la la! * Loving having my sister in town. So much fun to spend time with someone you like as much as a friend, but love more, because you're related.

* Wrote the words: REMEMBER, IT'S NOT PERSONAL at the top of my day planner, in preparation for tomorrow's parent-teacher conference with difficult parent A. Must survive conference without getting sucked into her negativity.

* Enjoying the handful of bright yellow tulips my mom brought buy. I love flowers, especially in winter.

* Feeling slightly, and ashamedly sore from a leisurely three mile run with my sister. Must get back into the fitness routine!

* Have started reading Oriah Mountain Dreamer's book What We Ache For, and am drinking it up.

* Making a new commitment this week to really taking care of myself, rather than beating myself up over all the things I don't get done and invariably feel overwhelmed by.

* Getting excited that this is the last week before Thanksgiving!

* Getting ready for bed, right now. I think half my problem most of the time is that I don't get enough sleep.

What did you do today? What are your plans for the week?