what do you do? / by Christina Rosalie

What do you do when your kid is over tired. You know this as surely as you know it's raining. He skipped his nap. Falls apart before dinner over a cracker, over putting his sweatshirt on, over cleaning up his blocks. What do you do when you make every attempt to put him to bed early on time, and you give him an extra long bath because it should calm him down...but by bedtime he is tightly wound. Over tired. Stubborn. He doesn't like the songs you sing. He kicks his legs in your general direction. He wails when you leave after your promised one song and a snuggle. He gets up and follows you to the door, screaming, sobbing. Do you give in? Do you go back and calm him because you know he's tired? Or do you insist, and not give in--this tantrum likely to lead to others. Bedtime already prolonged enough. What do you do? Because I don't honestly know lately. He's at this new stage, and its requiring all the patience I've got.