Micro blogging / by Christina Rosalie

So I've been both rediculously busy and rediculously sick. Still. Isn't that sad? But in my state of near dispair I came up with a good idea: micro blogging. Of course twitter already came up with the idea, and I'm just a lame copy cat, but I decided that I'm going to try this month to blog as much as possible, about all the little things that I keep saying "I should write this down or I'll forget," and then I promptly forget. Like this: Bean, in a conversation about how you can tell the difference between boys and girls said: "Girls have hair that goes flowing down. Boy's hair mostly flows up. Occasionally boy's hair goes flowing down too though." Direct quote. Yes, he used the word occasionally. Can YOU think of a better three year old definition?

Or this: It is thundering every single minute right now. Not big huge cracks of thunder, but little bursts. The sky is pale and overcast, and of course, it has been raining. It has so far rained every single day in August.

And also this: for two days I felt better. I had an iced latte (tall) made by DH with maple syrup. It was divine. He also made biscuits (from scratch) and eggs. Everything tasted rediculously good. I was heady with the possibility of feeling like myself again. I accomplished eighty-nine things including starting to paint my new studio/office space (deep blue.) And then crash. Yesterday I was a miserable ball of ick. Beyond depressing.

Alright. That's it. I'll be back today. See, micro blogging means I am basically going to write everything down in little bursts like the thunder. We'll see how long it lasts. A month? Maybe? (If I have internet in Colorado.) Anyone want to join me?