A Week In The Life:: Sunday / by Christina Rosalie

Drying my hair. Hating maternity clothes as much as I did last time. This is not a good start to the morning.

Breakfast = best part of the day. DH made biscuits (he makes the best.)

Yummy lemon curd to go with flakey, dreamy biscuits.

Then an insurmountable list of everything to do. I dropped the couch on my foot while moving it to vacuum. I started to sob. The rest of the day pretty much felt like a bruise. Thin skinned doesn't even describe it.

Everything feels on edge. Precarious. Fragile. Dramatic. Technicolor.

After Bean is asleep, I sit on the couch in the living room writing lesson plans and wondering where I'll find the energy and enthusiasm to face 22 second graders tomorrow. The house is quiet & clean. I lit a candle on the windowsill. The light falls in yellow flickering circles.