Surviving Summer: An In-Progress List Of Little-Boy Awesomeness / by Christina Rosalie

In the process of perfecting the art of moon walking, I'm also becoming increasingly adept at wrangling and loving and wrestling little boys. I'm starting to understand that this is a part of my art. This almost-balance, this in-motion gesture of my life towards and away from them in the very same instant. This push-pull, this glorious mess and abundance of giggles, this makes my creative work what it is. Here it is, friends, an in-progress list of little boy awesomeness: +++

* Mud is meant to be played in. Let them. Let the laundry pile up. No one will remember clean laundry; mud monsters on the other hand: totally epic.

* Sink play: faucet on low; funnels, teapots, turkey basters, measuring cups. Science happens here: sink and float, cause and effect. Also, dinner can get pulled together around them. Just remember put towels down first.

* Extra bubbles in the bathtub. So what if their hair doesn’t ever get perfectly clean? There’s always next time.

* Make soup. Give them sharp implements and let them help chop. A 2 yr. old can do a number on zucchini with a butter knife. Also: they’re more careful than you’d think, and growing boys who turn into men who can cook = awesome.

* New couches are overrated. Keep the one you have. Buy throw pillows. Let them build forts. Cardboard boxes are also amazing.

* Chocolate ice cream cones. Yes, let it melt everywhere. If you think ahead, bring wipes. If not, extra napkins + a little water works wonders.

* Let them climb trees. The rules: don’t climb up where you can’t get down yourself; only hold onto branches bigger than your wrist; use both hands.

* Keep cardboard boxes, toilet paper tubes, etc. Supply scissors, duct tape, markers. Instant rocket ship, submarine, motor boat, race car.

* Take a walk with big sticks. Poke things. Draw in the dirt. They wont poke their eyes out. Sword fighting may occur. The only rule: no running.

* Say yes. Keep a marble jar. Point out the positives. Move on.

+++ Now I want to hear your favorite life with kids discoveries. What are your standbys for keeping small people happy while achieving a busy life. Ready, set, go!