Wednesday :: / by Christina Rosalie

I felt reasonable today, and as a result accomplished seven times what I have been typically accomplishing every day. As in: completed & turned in 2 manuscripts, finished an article, and completely set my classroom up. That last part took me almost the whole day. My back is rediculously sore from pushing metal desks and bookshelves around. I snagged to boys on custodial duty to move the really heavy stuff, but the rest I did myself. It's too hard to try and visualize classroom feng shui with two teenage boys gawking about.

While I was sorting books rainclouds gathered. Suddenly it was ominously black out my window. Then the rain came pelting down in sheets. The smell of ozone came through the open windows, and then a crack of thunder so close I jumped. On the way home I passed the tree the lightening had hit. A huge branch had cleaved off an old maple--and had wrapped itself entirely around an electrical line. One thing New England weather isn't is boring.

Also: Bean just went and got his shoes and then left the house with his guitar (an old beaten up acoustic guitar we've had around forever) saying "I'm leaving to go to a concert so I won't be able to go to bed tonight. The concert will be really really long and I'll be out really late."

I have absolutely no idea where he got that idea.