More up down / by Christina Rosalie

So I'm going with the co-sleeping-ish arrangement for now. Which is what we've been doing, and it works fine except for when he's ansy and can't lie still and insists on holding my cheek pressed against his cheek, and howling "Mama TURN OVER" when I roll the other way. But. So. Well. We'll keep trying because it seems that's the only thing we can do, seeing as we adore the pants of him as it is. Other things:

I had a great hair day today. I never have good hair days, and today, all sorts of perfect luscious shine and bounce and complements.

It's 40 degrees out right now, at night, which is almost unbelievable, as it hasn't been this warm (yes, WARM) in oh, five months.

We had tacos for dinner. I love tacos. I grew up in California. Mexican food always makes me smile.

And... PLUMS are back in stores around here, which means somewhere, they're in season right now.


I left my ipod and my beloved Eat Love Pray book at the gym tonight, parked on top of one of the lockers, and when I called a few hours later, they didn't find it. I'm going to assume the positive--that it was placed somewhere for safekeeping and that I'll get it back tomorrow. But if not, who would steal a book? An ipod, well, at least it has value. But my book? All underlined and happily dog-eared, and not half read?